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Program 14: slope contact lane gangue

Description of the Coal Mining Excavation Solution:

Shuttle Mining Car is arranged in the contract lane of a downhill lane and a gangway and is usually used for buffering gangues when the downhill lane is tunneled. In the tunneling process without the buffering of the Shuttle Mining Cars, the front tunneling is usually discontinuous, and the slagging is restricted; and the tunneling is restricted by the delayed slagging.

Typical case:

Huaibei Mining Group (Zhuxianzhuang Coal Mine)

(Haizi Coal Mine)

Program 15: Locomotive +track concrete mixer + concrete spray machine

Complete Tunneling Program

In the development of the coal mine rock gangway, the track concrete mixer is novel equipment for transporting concretes and dry & wet spraying materials under coal mines, wherein the concretes, dry spraying or wet spraying materials are dragged to the working face to match with a trailer pump wet blast machine or dry blast machine. During the transportation, the mixing cylinder of the truck can be rotated continuously by the driving force of a walking wheel set, so that the concretes transported to the mine is not separated; simultaneously, the concretes can be transported in a inclined drifts less than or equal to 25 degrees.

Typical case:

Shandong Xinwen Mining Group (Longgu Coal Mine, Xiezhuang Coal Mine)

Program 16: Winch + Track concrete mixer + concrete spray machine

Complete Tunneling Program

During the development of coal mine inclined lanes, concrete spraying building is a relatively complicated process. The track concrete mixer for inclined drifts produced by our company is designed aiming to the concrete transportation in the inclined lane. The track concrete mixer is dragged to a mixing station (a feeding point) on ground for loading by the winch on ground; after the loading, the winch places the track concrete mixer downwardly to the spraying machine by gravity, and the material is discharged to the spraying machine by the driving force of the mixer for spray building.

Typical case:

The Xinjiang Project Department at the Seventy-first Engineering Department of China's coal mine fifth construction company Shandong Jining No.2 Coal Mine

Program 17: Mining mucking loader + shuttle mining car (group) +locomotive

Complete Tunneling Program

The program is an example of buffering slope slag removal of mine multi-level mining tunneling vertical bins; the developing and use manner is a relative common program in the gangway development of the main tunnel; different types of equipment configurations enables the program to be suitable for large and small sections. After the full section is exposed, the shuttle mining car with large transportation volumes is used in conjunction with the mining mucking loader with fast muck; a vehicle staggering way is arranged at a certain distance for vehicle meeting. Compared with the traditional tunneling manner, the program can greatly shorten the slag discharging time.

Typical case:

Xishan Coal and Electricity Power (Dongqu Mine)

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