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Program 5: Mining mucking road header (special for large slope) + Suspension-type belt conveyor + scraper conveyor or belt conveyor.

Complete Tunneling ProgramComplete Tunneling Program

This solution for coal mining program is provided with milling and digging head to excavate in coal roadway or half coal roadway whose hardness is f≤4, without blasting excavation. When excavating in rock gangway, the bucket and milling and digging can be exchanged. After blasting, the bucket is used to load slag. It can serve both purposes. In this program, suspension-type belt conveyor is used to adjust unloading height flexibly and change unloading direction by swinging left and right. Comprehensive performance is good.

Typical case:

Shanxi Chuanjiu 28 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Program 6: Mucking loader (special for large slope) + Side dumping wagon (Forward dumping wagon) + traction winch.

Complete Tunneling Program


Inclined roadway, especially inclined roadway with large inclination is always bottle neck for mine and non-mine main tunnel. There is no ideal equipment for loading gangue, which limits excavating speed. In the past, load gangue was loaded through traditional crawler loader or manually. Traditional crawler loader has disadvantages such as low efficiency, uncompleted slagging and impossibility to rake because of much water in the tunnel.

The company has developed many types of mucking loader (it has obtained national patent) special for large slope, which is used to load gangue on the slope ≤30º. It is provided with cable reel, which can make the loader draw in and draw out the cable easily, save labor and increase safety factor. In addition, after it is used together with large transportation equipment, it can shorten loading time of gangue, reduce the number of workers and decrease labor intensity greatly. It is also technological breakthrough of our company. Those equipments are ideal coal mining program solution.

Construction Company of Hunan Lianshao Construction Group (Luohe Iron Mine)

(Shanxi Xishan Coal and Electricity Power (Malan Coal Mine)

Typical cases:

China Coal First Construction Company limited(Yuyang Coal Mine)

China Coal No.3 Construction (group) Corporation LTD (Ningxia Yanchi Coal Mine)

China's coal mine fifth construction company 5th Agency (Shaqu Mine North Air Shaft)

Wenzhou Jianfeng Mining Co., Ltd (Guizhou Zunyi Guancang Coal Mine)

Zhejiang Zhongyu (Qinghai Aokai Mining Engineering Department, Shanxi Mengjiayao Coal Mine, Guizhou Jinsha Yongsheng Coal Mine)

Wenzhou Second Well (Guizhou New Mining Group Engineering Department)

Shenhua Ningxia Mining Group (Yangchangwan Coal Mine)

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